Using a MAC or PC, we recommend using a mouse to navigate SWP. You can use the track pad but a mouse makes for a better user experience.

Zoom: Use the scroll on your mouse, click on the - and + located in the bottom right of your screen, or use two fingers on your track pad (laptops).

Tilt: Hold the Control key on your keyboard + Hold left click on your mouse, anywhere on the map and move the cursor up or down.

For the track pad hold Control on your keyboard + Click and hold down on your track pad + use one finger to scroll up or down.

Move Up, down, Left Right: Click on the map, hold down on the left click and move the map.

Move BIM models: use the following keys on your keyboard.

Q: Rotate 360 degrees
E: Rotate 360 degrees
W: Move forward
S: Move backwards
A: Move left
D: Move right

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