Smart World Pro is built on AWS currently.  This allows us to maintain a lean and scalable infrastructure at low cost.  That said, there are other options for deploying Smart World Pro around the world.

VPN/Local Data Storage

A common request among our clients surrounds data security; can Smart World Pro be hosted in the cloud, but the data leveraged within a particular instance be stored locally?

The answer is yes!  We require a local Elasticsearch cluster and a local S3 cluster to store the data associated with Smart World Pro, and a VPN through which the data can be accessed.

This approach minimizes the overhead associated with local servers, but allows our clients to maintain certain security requirements.


Because of government and project security requirements, some clients request a fully on-premise option for hosting Smart World Pro.  This is a possibility as well- but requires significant additional hardware, maintenance, and development.

Azure and other Cloud-Based Solutions

While Smart World Pro is currently built on AWS, the supporting APIs and workflow engines can be retooled to work on other cloud-based solutions if necessary.  While this approach incurs less overhead associated with hardware and maintenance, it does require additional custom development.

Regardless of the requirements for your project, Cityzenith wants to hear from you.  Our team of engineers is always up for a challenge!

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