Q: What is a digital twin?

A: Digital Twins are 3D virtual replicas of buildings, infrastructure, and other physical assets connected to the data in and around them. Digital Twins are used primarily to optimize performance and predict and visualize future outcomes across functional areas in cities like maintenance, energy consumption, space utilization, traffic management, and public safety.

Q: Can you provide examples of clients we might know who use Cityzenith’s Digital Twin System, Smart World Pro?

A: Our clients include JLL, Cushman & Wakefield, Lendlease, Foster + Partners, the Government of Andhra Pradesh, the East West Rail Alliance, WS Atkins, and Prologis.

Q: What are the costs?

A: The Smart World Pro digital twin platform is offered through an annual SaaS subscription model.  Pricing structures vary depending on project scope, usage, and custom integrations.  Additional costs vary as well.  Digital twin modeling services are also available as needed.  Please contact [email protected] - we are happy to review your needs and provide a custom quote.

Q: What is a BAM?

A: A BAM or Baseline Asset Model is the building block of the digital twin. Often referred to as “BIM-lite”, a BAM is a geometrically simplified 3D model of a building or property containing the locations of rooms, floors, major equipment, and major building information systems. A BAM is not used for construction, unlike a BIM. A BAM repurposes objects and data from the BIM for asset management and operational purposes over the lifecycle of the building. Smart World Pro is a digital Twin platform that allows you to attach virtually unlimited sources of information to a BAM.

Q: How does Cityzenith's work differ from Willow?

A: Willow's solution is project based, not product based.  What Willow sells is engineering man hours required to integrate various building data points to a web model.  It has none of the flexibility or extensibility of our product, and pales in comparison with respect to performance.  Our platform is a product that was designed to allow any user to create a digital twin and integrate their own data, at any scale.  The Willow solution will perpetually rely on their providing managed services behind a considerably more lightweight user interface.

Willow's pre-rendered, project based approach rarely scales beyond the limited needs of a single building. Smart World Pro was designed to scale and accommodate the needs of projects at any scale, from campuses to entire cities, from design and planning to construction and operation. 

Q: How does Smart World Pro differ from CityEngine?

A: Smart World Pro is an advanced Digital Twin platform, not a point solution or a tool like CE. It is more performant, more extensible, and more customizable than any out of the wrapper single point tool. The ease of use of SWP allows users at any skill level easily self-mobilize.

Q: How does Smart World Pro differ from Microsoft Azure's Digital Twin offerings?

A: MS Azure's Digital Twin offering is a platform and data structure, not a complete solution.  Smart World Pro is sold as part of a complete solution- you gain access to the knowledge and expertise necessary to develop a solution that meets your needs.  We work closely with our clients to tailor their Smart World Pro experience.  Additionally, Microsoft's Digital Twin offering does not support importing models from other data sources- Smart World Pro aggregates data from 100's of other sources, providing a unique full-scope view of projects and assets.

Q: What information is needed to create a digital twin?  How long does it take?

A: Our modeling services team can produce digital twins at LOD3-4, from a variety of sources, including Revit, CAD, PDF, and other BIM formats. These digital twins typically require 5-7 days to produce. Any existing building within Smart World Pro can be removed and replaced with an imported model, or basic massing models can be created using our extrusion tool.

Q: Can I host my data on a regional AWS server?

A: Yes.  We currently have our platform hosted on AWS in the US and Ireland, and we can create an isolated instance in any of the AWS regions that are closest to you.  We can even host Smart World Pro on an isolated server if necessary.

Q: What systems/technologies is DigitalTwin compatible with?

A: Our list of supported model formats is available here.  

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