The power of Smart World Pro comes from our ability to leverage data from many sources.  We understand the value and confidentiality of this data; to this end, Smart World Pro has been developed using modern security practices and permission provisioning to ensure your data is safe with us. All data is stored in S3 encrypted rest buckets or within our database which is encrypted at rest. An organization only has access to their database and S3 bucket. Users can be assigned full or partial permissions.

Smart World Pro is hosted on AWS. Databases and user exist in AWS Ireland Region, and are replicated only for disaster recovery.  Smart World Pro makes use of AWS security measures- this includes DDoS mitigation, data encryption, inventory and configuration tools, monitoring and logging, identity and access control, and penetration testing.  We also leverage AWS' security measures for authenticating users for S3 access.

Any datasets, models, and assets ported into your Smart World Pro project are available only within that project.  Project and role-based permissions prevent access to this data outside of its intended use.  All data is transmitted securely, and stored only when necessary for optimization of the client experience.  We encrypt data when storing locally.

Our permission structure is failsafe and easy to navigate.  When users are created, they have no permissions by default- users must be assigned access to existing projects in order to access any data in the system.  User roles can be leveraged to further define how users can interact with the system, and affect any data stored in that system.

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