Uploading 3D data such as BIM or SketchUp is easy!  You can always check on supported formats here.

To upload you will first need to zip up the files.  This is because many formats, such as COLLADA, are either folder based or multi-file based.  Zipping them up makes sure that we handle everything on import.

If your 3D format support geographic location, we will import that placement as well.  Otherwise you just need to place the building manually.

  1. Click on Files from the sidebar.
  2. Click Upload button in the upper right.
  3. Click the Browse button and a selection dialog will appear.
  4. Select your zip file that you wish to upload.
  5. Note that the "bundle type" should match your file type (e.g. dae for COLLADA, ifc for IFC, etc).
  6. Optional: type in a description of your file
  7. Click Upload and the upload and conversion process should start.
  8. Once the file finishes processing you can double-click on it and it will be added to Layers.  At that point you can then use the Layer settings to further modify the look and feel.

Note: You can delete Files but any layers or datasets created from them will continue to exist.

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