One of Smart World Pro's most powerful features is the ability to integrate your data- from thousands of different sources.  Any data that is available through an API can be quickly leveraged in your digital twin.

APIs are imported through the Datasets panel. Open up Datasets and then click on the New button.  From there you'll need to change the type of Import to API.

Please note:  Smart World Pro is designed to be data agnostic- the API import dialog is complex because it is designed to handle many different types of APIs.  If you have any trouble connecting your API using this dialog, just email [email protected] .  We will be happy to assist you!  

To connect your API, complete the appropriate fields (required fields are indicated), and Test or SAVE your connection.  Field definitions are included below.

At the top of the dialog are three buttons:

  • Cancel - Cancel the dialog
  • Test Connect - see if the connect to the API is valid (returns a HTTP 200 OK)
  • Save - saves the API as a dataset

Input Details:

  • Name - Friend name of the API
  • Type - API or File (in this case, should be set to API)
  • Output Type - Json, XML, Geojson or CSV (what the format of the response is)
  • Import Type - manual, replace, merge, timeseries
  • URL - the url to the Endpoint

API Details

  • Auth type - header or query string
  • Token / Key - Token or key input
  • dataset_api_token_type - Basic, APIkey or Bearer
  • Token Param Name - Token name
  • API Secret - API secret key input

ID & Positioning

  • ID - sets ID or Time Field key
  • Latitude - defines the Latitude field for display
  • Longitude - defines the Longitude field for display

Paging Attributes

  • Offset Parameter - what defines the page
  • Offset Value - value of the offset
  • Limit Parameter - what defines the limit per page
  • Limit Value - value of the Limit
  • Query String - what symbol is used to concatenate the query string (most likely &)

API Polling

  • Recurrence - Automatic, Hours or Days
  • Interval - number of type
  • Type - minutes, seconds, days
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