The settings panel is where you can modify settings and how Smart World Professional (SWP) operates. 


The general settings are below:

  • Organization: This dropdown allows you to change organizations if you are members of multiple ones.  
  • Language: SWP supports localization.  Dropdown allows you to choose other languages.  If yours is not listed, please email support ([email protected]) and request it.
  • Units: Sets measure units to be displayed
  • Audio: Sets the microphone used by SWP for natural language query
  • Log file: shows the log that SWP uses.  If support asks you for the log, this is where you access it.


The camera settings are below:

  • Movement Speed: sets how fast the view pans across your map
  • Rotation Speed: sets how fast the view rotates
  • Zoom Speed: sets how fast the zoom (mousewheel) moves
  • Invert Horizontal Axis: reverses the h axis
  • Invert Vertical Axis: reverses the v axis
  • Invert Mouse Wheel Scroll Direction: default is scroll forward to zoom in.  Checking this makes scroll forward zoom out.
  • Enable Camera WASD controls: Checking this allows you to use AWSD keys to be used for panning.
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