Organization Administrators can invite and manage users through the Administration panel.  When you open it you see a list of users:

You will see your active and available licenses in the upper left.  This tells you how many more you can add before you need to buy additional licenses.  In the upper right is the invite user dialog.  Just put your new users email and they will get invited to your organization.  If they are already a Smart World User, they will just see an invite to the new organization.  If they haven't signed up for Smart World yet, they will create an account and then be added to the organization.


Below is the list of users.  To delete a user, click the "X" in the far right of the user name.  To edit a user, click the edit button.

This is where you can manage groups the user is a member of and disable a user if you wish to remove access to the organization.


Groups are essentially groups of users for managing access to projects.  The Groups panel is below:

You can have as many groups as you wish to organize users.  To add a new group just type a group name in the top and click create.  To add users to a group, you would use the users panel and add them to the new group name.


Roles are where you assign access to groups.  The roles panel is below:

To add a new role, type in the new role name and click create.  To delete a role, click the x button on the far right of the list.  Clicking the edit button for each role gives you the dialog below:

You can change the role name and description to whatever you want.  You can tag roles with keywords to organize by projects or building.  Permissions are set below, just move the permissions from the right hand list to the left hand list and that role will take on that permissions.  

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