Layers are the visualization of data in Smart World Professional

Layers are the visualization of data in Smart World Professional.  Anything created in the map window including BIM, CAD or GIS data is managed in layers.  The Layers panel includes controls for setting layer visibility, layer name, layer type, controls for layering and deleting a dataset.

Layer Visibility

The far left column (the eye) of Layers is the visibility of each layer.  This is where you turn layers on and off in the map window.  Click the eye to toggle the visibility of the layer.

Layer Name

The second column is the layer name.  You can right-click on the layer name to change it.

Layer Type

The third column is the layer type.  This is generally either an Asq query (from Datasets or Asq itself) or Building where a 3D model is loaded.

Layer Controls

The layer controls allow layering of Asq layers.  If you have a point layer and you want it to appear on top of a polygon layer, this is where you control them.  The list is built on the layering system, layers at the top are above layers on the bottom.  Buildings always appear at the top of the list but they too can be layered.  From left to right.

Layer Order Contols 

  • Move layer to top of list: this puts the layer on top of everything. (it will cover other layers)
  • Move layer to bottom of list: this puts the layer on the bottom of everything (it will be hidden by other layers)
  • Move layer up one level
  • Move layer down one level

Layer Symbology control

You can change the color of a layer after it has been added.  Currently only the color of the layer can be changed.  A future release in the next month will add functionality to set the outline, fill, point symbol and line stroke.

To change the color, click on the color square to the right of the layer order controls, a color picker will appear:

You can either click on the color map at the top to set the color, modify the HSV settings, or type in the Web color value.  Click apply to see the color updated and when you are happy with the change, click close.

Lock Layer

The layer lock essentially locks a layer into place so that it cannot be moved, deleted or hidden.

Delete Layer

To delete a layer, simply click the delete icon at the far right of the layer list.

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