Files is where you upload buildings and data to Smart World Professional

Files, like Datasets is only available if you have a project set.  Think of files as your data storage location in Smart World Professional.  While datasets are automatically created on load, if you did delete a dataset and wanted to add it back in, you can do so with Files.  The list includes the File name and the File type.

Loading Files in to Layers

Getting a file into layers is easy.  Just double click on the file and you'll see it added to the map.  You manage the visibility of the object in Layers.

Uploading Files

To upload a file, just click the upload button in the upper right and navigate to your dataset.  Best practice is to compress your data first using a zip file to save on upload time but Smart World Professional will automatically do this.

See the video below on how to upload a BIM model.

<insert video>

Delete a File

To delete a File(s) simply check the box to the left of each file in the list.  Deleting a File will not delete the corresponding dataset, but you will not be able to recreate a dataset.

Editing a File

To edit a file, simple check the box to the left of each file in the list.  This will show you metadata for that file including the file name and file type.

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