Projects are like folders where all your information is stored for a particular use.  This can be as simple as a couple of queries or whole BIM models.  By default, only you have access to your project unless you explicitly invite others.  This is done through role based access control.

The projects window appears when you click the project button in the dock.  You'll notice that when you first log into an organization that the Datasets and Files buttons are grayed out.  This is because those are set for a particular project and are not enabled for use until a project is loaded.  All users have a "Default" project set initially.  This can be removed if you wish.

Creating a Project

To create a project, open the Projects panel and you'll see "Create a New Project" at the top.  Simply type in any project name and click create.  Your project will appear in the list below.  

Opening a Project

Projects can be opened by double-clicking on the project name.  You'll see the project load in the top bar (BIM Demo in the graphic below).

Deleting a Project

Deleting a project is simple, in the project list you'll see an "X" on the right side of each project name.  To delete any project, just click the "X" and it will be removed.  Keep in mind that any users of this project will also have it removed from their list.  You have to be a project owner to delete a project.

Editing Project Metadata

Editing a projects metadata is done by clicking the edit button next to each project name in the project list.

  • Name: This is the name of the project that you set on project creation.  You can edit it by typing in any project name you wish.
  • Description: Giving a project a description better describes what the project is about when you share it with other users.
  • Tags: Make it easier to find projects, tag them with descriptive tags and search for them quickly.  For example, tag projects by client or building name.
  • Access: Smart World Professional uses Role Based Access Control to manage project access.  This is managed by your organization administrator.  Choose a group (a group of users) and assign them a role (what they can do with a project).  The ACL entry below shows who has access.  Delete set roles by clicking the "X" button to the right of each entry.
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