When you first start up Smart World Professional, you are presented with all the controls you can work with.

We will go over everything and how it is used.  The UI is built around three main areas:

  1. Dock
  2. Top Bar
  3. Navigation


The dock is where the main controls are for Smart World Professional.  This is where you maintain your projects, data, queries and manage your settings.  Individual help sections of the dock are below:

  • Projects
  • Datasets
  • Files
  • Layers
  • Mapalyze
  • Asq
  • Smart City
  • Admin
  • Support
  • Settings
  • Log Out

Top Bar

The top bar is where informational alerts and status are displayed.

First you will see the Project Name in the upper left.

In the example above, you can see the project "BIM Demo" is open under the "Cityzenith" organization.  If you move organizations, the name will appear first followed by any project you have open.

Next in the upper right is the date and time.  This will change depending on tools you use to show what time of day or day of the year you have set.


Navigation tools are located in the lower right of the window.  From top to bottom:

  • Identify: this is what you'll use to identify layers that are displayed on the map.
  • Pan: if you have identify selected, this is how you'll be able to change the mouse cursor back to pan.
  • Zoom in: the plus button is the zoom in button.
  • Zoom out: the minus button is the zoom out button.
  • Basemap selector: choose a different basemap.  These update all the time but include dark and light themes as well as satellite imagery and traffic.
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